Styling with Ginger Jars

Ginger jars are a design classic, uniquely shaped and decorative in all their blue-and-white glory. Lately, I’ve seen them popping up in all sorts of surprising places and I love the simple, yet elegant style that white ginger jars grouped can create. But first, a little background on these gorgeous collectibles.

Ginger jars are identified by their high-shoulders, rounded shapes, small mouths, and domed lids. They come in various styles and sizes and many different colors. The true Chinese antique ginger jar is made of porcelain and hand painted. Though ginger jars were initially used to store and transport spices, the containers (which usually lack handles) have been used chiefly as decorative objects since the 19th century. During this time ginger jars became a fashionable product mass produced for export to the West. Now a more decorative element rather than functional, some ginger jars have been converted into lamps and flower pots.


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I also love the Symbolism of the antique Chinese ginger jar. A designated gift for the Emperor was a yellow colored jar, being yellow the color of ginger and the Emperor’s color, this kind of jar could be used as urn. It symbolizes health and a long life and the gift was meant to last a lifetime. The white ginger jar is the traditional Chinese wedding gift, represents happiness, prosperity, and fertility. Many blue and white ginger jars represent double happiness suggesting that they were given as presents for special occasions such as weddings and intended to last a lifetime. The red colored ginger jar was the symbol of happiness and prosperity, it symbolizes a wish for happiness and prosperity to the recipient.

Which one is your favorite?


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