A Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at our home this year was simply one of the best! This is definitely a year moving into the holidays that I have so much to be truly thankful for. My amazing husband, family, friends, and health are all tops on the list!

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So, do you Chop?

To chop or not to chop, that is the question — first, there is such thing as too many throw pillows. I can attest; my husband has said this for years! If you over accessorize a piece of furniture no matter if the pillows are all chopped or not chopped, it will always appear too chaotic and messy. I suggest using the rule of odds. When there is an odd number of pillows, for example, on a bed, it breaks up the symmetry and creates interest to the eye.


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What to Do with that Big Blank Canvas

I love fresh, new beginnings. I love surprises. I love hope. Each moment is another day of beginning, another white page, a big blank canvas.

That’s how it is with a new project. In the beginning, there is no color so, add color. In the beginning, there is no texture so, add a little texture. And, in the color and in the texture, add layers upon layers of creating until you step back to discover, “yes, this is my happy place.”

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