Charming French Country Style

French country style infuses a home with incomparable warmth and welcoming charm, with an artful balance between earthy and chic. When creating this style, the goal in a French country design is to create an interior that is rustic, yet chic. The appeal lies in the provincial sentiment of the furniture, embellishments, and the simple blends of hues.

French Country style first emerged during the 18th-century courts of Kings Louis XIII, XVI, XV and XIV while many young affluent families were embracing a formal and genteel lifestyle.  It is this sophisticated and yet comfortable blend that makes French Country interior design so popular. Here are a few elements that you can incorporate to bring French Country inspired design into your new home.


An amazing statement chandelier is a must! These beauties create the WOW factor in any room.

Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest


Patina is the “finish” and unique evidence of age and years gone by.  It’s a definite score if you can find authentic pieces to bring that coveted patina into your home, but sometimes you can fake it well enough by painting. Great places to find authentic pieces are antique stores, classifieds, and flea markets.

Image Source: Pinterest

Work with Linen

Linen is an amazing fabric to use in window treatments, bedding, and pillows. The perfect touch of understated elegance and texture.

Image Source: Pinterest

Amazing Mirrors

Mirrors are something not only practical and functional in French homes, but often decadent and over the top with carvings and details. Another WOW factor that stands on its own.

Image Source: Pinterest

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